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FM 529 Shell Auto Care Inc

By gina on Wed 05 February 2014

super service , i had this proplem with my car for six month , it was stopping suddenly and i have to wait 10 min for it to start back a took it to another shop and they did spark plugs and wires and another stuff ,but i still had the same proplem ,i stop at this shop it was a part of a gas station and i explain to them the proplem,they very helpful and professional, the mechanic came with a very advanced machine and hook it up to my car and drove it around the parking lot 3 min , and came back and to explain to me that my fuel pump is weak ,the owner in the office was very nice and he made the estimate for repair and it was $289.87 , and decide to take another opinion ,so i called the shop who did my spark plugs and they want $359 , so i told the owner to go a head and fix it , but to promise it not gone be more than 289.87 ,i left my car there and went walmart and walk around for two hours when i came back my car was done. i was surprise that they also change the fuel filter and kept the same price. i drove my car home and cant belive how smooth and powerfuel was running,i recommended all my friends to that place.thank u guys