Shop Reviews

Firestone Complete Auto Care

By Gina on Wed 05 February 2014

A very busy place, front staff is mostly pleasant but not sure workers handling cars are competent. After this vehicle inspection my car's ride is not the same. Tires were rotated without my request. Took it back and they claim the ride is normal. Another place told me it needs an alignment.

Martino Tire Company of Plantation

By Gina on Wed 05 February 2014

Asked for a suspension check and the only thing they did after 1.5 hours was ride the car around the block. Workers were mostly talking and laughing among themselves. Front desk is short staff. Won't go back.

Pep Boys Davie

By Gina on Wed 05 February 2014

Their suspension evaluation missed the fact that my car needed new rear struts (confirmed later by two different mechanics from other shops). Instead, I was told the suspension was fine. Instead, I was told my car needed new tires, which now I know it didn't because it didn't do anything for the noises I was getting. So I bought 4 new tires. Even though I got a rebate on one of them, there were several extra fees, including a required Road Hazard Warranty for $32.88. I will never service my car there again.