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Midas International

By garrett on Wed 05 February 2014

The guys were very knowledgeable about cars and even took the time to show me exactly what the issues were and how I can prevent it from happening in the future. Within an hour they got my brakes done, ( new rotors and pads) and made it so I could get to work on time, even provided free shuttle service since I lived within a few miles. They beat all the competitors prices and no one said "oh well this is wrong with your car so we'll have to fix this also". It's honestly hard for me to believe people who weren't satisfied with these guys. Mike is the owner and will treat you well if you're looking for a professional repair shop in Thornton. This is the most honest mechanic shop I've ever been to and I give it a solid perfect rating for customer service, part availability, time out of my day, competitive price, and overall satisfaction.