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Precision Align and Auto Service

By franky on Wed 05 February 2014

I brought my 2008 Ford F250 in for a simple alignment. They claimed that I needed additional work done in order for the alignment to hold. I agree to have the work done. After I paid for the completion of the work and left the shop. My seat and car mat had oil on them. I called and spoke to the owners daughter, she advised me that the mechanics did not do that, that they use paper mats to protect the customer vehicle. I asked if I could bring my vehicle back to show her what has been done and she refuse to discuss it any further and hung up on me. I called back to talk to the owner, she explained that the owner was out of town and hung up on me again. I will never take any of my vehicles back to Precision Align again. I never had such rudeness and bad service done on my vehicle. My steering wheel is not straight and I had to replace two tires already. I took my vehicle to another place and they said that I didn't need the parts and that my alignment was done incorrectly.