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Rodeo Ford

By ford fanatic on Wed 05 February 2014

GO SOMEWHERE ELSE FOR SERVICE REPAIRS, OK FOR SALES BUT NOT SERVICE. Brought in a ford truck with an electrical problem, service advisor Raul J. didnt really listen to the problem, got the vehicle returned to me with - flat front tire (on an explorer which are prone to roll overs), broken valve cover (from timing chain guide breaking-prob not their fault), window still completely down, grease hand prints all over white hood and still had to be towed home. I paid towing both ways. then found out that the original problem was not repaired, called Raul and he paid towing (after some hesitation). then he had repaired again and told me that it was the battery terminal and they replaced it for free (thought it was very nice of them). I asked if they would pay towing back home again for me (since i paid twice already) and after hesitating again, he agreed. waited 3 days and after no response to my 2 calls and messages i finally just paid for the towing...again. Get it home and find out that they did not replace the battery terminal, still the same old terminal, so either he lied or just didnt want to explain what the actual problem was in detail and took easy way out. Ended up fixing the timing chain myself and it runs great now (they said it needed new engine, only has 70k miles on it tho). Called the manager who intially said that they would refund my money for whole repair (which is more than generous) then after talking to his tech (and i presume Raul) sided with them and said he would not even covered the third tow bill but that since Raul "said" he'd cover the fourth back to my house (which he didnt) that to "mail" him the receipt and in a couple weeks theyd send me a check for it. He didnt care about: flat tire, window down (and unsecure for 2 days), grease all over hood, repair coming back, lied to about parts being put on that were not and the 3 days i was without it waiting for Raul to tow it which never happened. Very bad service from a large Ford dealer, use any other Ford dealership for service; Sanderson Ford is great, Tom Jones Ford is great really have never heard of such bad bad service from any other ford dealer in AZ