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Caribbean Auto Body & Mechanic, Inc

By FinanceFreak111 on Wed 05 February 2014

- Horrible Service Took my car in to have a small dent/gouge fixed and repainted and to get some small scratches around other parts of the car touched up. I was told I could take it in any day of the week and have it completed and ready to be picked up the next day. Problem 1 - Took it in early morning (before 8am) on a weekday and was told it couldn't be done by the next day so me and my family member went that day for nothing. Problem 2 - Dropped the car off the next Tuesday and called to pick it up the next day Wednesday per the one day completion promise, they said it wouldn't be ready until another day so no car to drive that day for me. Problem 3 - Picked up the car on Thursday and the job was only half done. They said they would complete it another day. Absolutely ridiculous. Problem 4 - Dropped car off another day to finish the job and then picked it up the next day and the job STILL wasn't completed with several ridiculous excuses. That's a total of FOUR visits and job still not done. Horrible unprofessional service to say the least. Not recommended.