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Southern Speed

By F%cksouthernspeed on Wed 05 February 2014

had a lt1 put in a 96 s10. took over a year and a half. they will give you time frame after time frame for when things will be done..they will miss every single one. paid nearly 8 grand for the whole thing and came out with a shitty tired used lt1. jerry the head mechanic said it had aluminum heads new gears in the tranny modest cam and so didn't.everything was used old parts. if you want to know what his wiring job looked like go to your tv, computer and any other electrical devices you can find rip all the wires out then go to your car pop the hood and throw it on top of your engine. whalla you did his level of work all on your own. when i left the shop i had no speedo,fuel gage,tach, or odometer. a week later a very prominent knock began to come from the engine. so naturally i called and was told that wasn't possible. i may not be the mechanic but im fairly sure an engine can knock..... took it to two other shops in the area and both had told me it was a hack job and i should go to base legal. for some reason they swapped out the stock t5 for another one,put it in crooked and have no idea what year of "camero" it came from. it took over a month and a half for them to find the bell housing to mount a t5( common transmission) to a small block chevy(only the most mass produced engine ever produced)i am 1 of many that have had problems with these people. DO NOT GO HERE. i could continue but this should be enough to get my point across