Shop Reviews


By ELyn on Wed 05 February 2014

Everything began well. I was quite pleased with the service. They helped me with my insurance claim and helped me get into a rental'. There was an estimated repair time of 3 days and it ended up being 7. They held my car to call the adjuster back to ask for more money for "repairs". My disappointment came when I went to pick up my car. I am 100% sure that I left my ipod touch in the glove box with an ipod auxillary cable. Both were missing. I spoke to the owner and the receptionist and they were both in disbelief. "Oh my workers wouldn't do such a thing, they make good money. They have been here for years .. " The owner tried to belittle me and make me as feel as though I was inferior. As if my complaint was insignificant, I feel like I was taken advantage of because I am a female. I also left my odometer reading at 55 miles and when I got the car back it was at 60, my mirrors were adjusted and my gas had been used slightly. I left it with a smidge more than half a tank. I put my trust in these people and I knew they were a high end service shop so I thought my belongings would be safe. To my dismay I am really disappointed. It`s just the principal, it is morally wrong to steal no matter how old or new, how expensive or inexpensive something may be.