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Ken & Ed's Auto Services, Inc

By Ed dc on Wed 05 February 2014

I had myTransmission replaced and i got different quotes from Dealers to shop's.The price was going from 1400 to 6000 for the replacement.The thing I felt comfortable with the shop that they explain the different options i can get with the transmission warranty the shop can offer.This is what i liked is the options they gave me and for me i would not care but since my wife drive the vehicle i recieved the 3 year warranty and i was happy with the trans. Soon after the transmission started making a small winding noise and the personal at the shop advise me that would need to replace it because the sound was not normal. I had no worries the shop took care of the problem through the warranty and the transmission was replaced.The transmission runs Great and i don't have worry about it because of the warranty option i recieved for the next 3 years. They Look At every aspect of the vehicle on the mechanicle point of view and iv been going to this shop for over 20 years even before Ken & ed's.The Owner Virgil Is Straight up with you and does not feed you lies like other mechanic shops out there do and just want to take your money.The other reason i go there is that he is a master tech for Honda and i would not trust any one else with my vehicles or my families vehicles.