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Eurasian Imports LLC

By ecupirates on Wed 05 February 2014

First off these the employee at the front desk is RUDE...owner is nice but i feel hes a fake. Came here for certain intake system and engine leak at audi dealership was maybe 150 bucks end up blowing engine Eurasian says its my fault end up charging me over 3000 dollars and insulting me saying i dont know anything about my car and it was doing certain things before they touched it. We argued forever about the problems which caused the engine to blow .....decided not to pay the full amount and they sued me saying it was my fault after 2 days driving down the road all lights showing up and within seconds the engine blowing. overall this has got to be the worst repair/service shop in the entire state (prob the world) just a big scam! they shouldnt even get 1 star