Shop Reviews


By Dynamo on Wed 05 February 2014

I generally do small DIY repairs to my car when possible. On Sunday, I fixed a cracked power steering return hose and was going to replace the thermostat myself. However, after fixing the hose, the lack of a garage, high winds and sub-freezing weather made me decide to let a shop do it instead because I didn't want to spend another hour and change out in that kind of weather, so I picked AutoScandia and dropped my car off Sunday night. I found their work to be both technically proficient and honest. Technically proficient because there are a few other issues I know are going on with my car that I haven't fixed yet. However, I didn't tell them those issues when I asked them to replace the thermostat. When I received my car back, they correctly recommended fixing all the outstanding issues my car had and even identified one that I hadn't noticed yet (no low speed on cooling fan). I thought this showed good attention to detail, and good mechanic work. Secondly, they only identified the problems that I knew already existed with the car and did not recommend things that my car didn't need like some less reputable shops might do. I thought this spoke well of their honesty. All in all, they've won a new customer here. Staff is polite, knowledgeable, and friendly and work is skilled and honest.