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MDL Auto Services

By dorthy on Wed 05 February 2014

The service was great and fast. I went in because i was referred by some friends at church. The receptionist was great i ask for an esteemate before hand she started calling and looking up prices and fighting the price so it fit my budget. She wrote down everhthing for me since. I have bad eye site. I dropped of my car with her and the next day she gives me a call back that its ready. She informed me that she was sorry about the car not being done earlier due to some promblems at the store and as an apology they filled all fluids. I was totally shocked it was great. I came in to pick up my car she took a while to get to me..(you can tell its a good business when there constantly busy) once she got to me she apologized. And smiled and said " now leys get you out of the joint" i laughed bc she seemed so chippered after running around like a chicken. She got me out of there and got a mechanic to walk me to my car and explain what was done to the car and what had to be done. I really love this place. I have noticed that they do treat coustomers the way the people treat them. I have seen daniel (the owner) kick a few people out that day because they were rude. This is a buisness they dont do free work they charge you cheep already don't abuse.