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Quality Muffler Hut Inc

By DLYNNT on Wed 05 February 2014

About 2 years ago I had some work done here, ie new muffler and a 40,000 mile rebuilt engine and transmission. I just had to replace the muffler, when Kerr Car Care pulled the old one off I needed them to weld the new one to the pipe that was already their. I could not afford all new pipe. Just one month ago the muffler was making a horrible noise, so I had a local shop look at it. When Kerr Car Care (Richard Kerr) fixed the muffler they missed the weld on the pipe by 1/8th of an inch, in turn it never sealed and corroded the muffler. Therefore I had to put a brand new one on. When they put the rebuilt engine and transmission in, first they stated there was a 90 day warrenty then it went to a 30 day after the work. Their first mistake was leaving a motor mount off and we had to take it back less than a week later. Richard tried to charge me for this part. Then about 6 weeks later I started to have electrical issues. I have spent over 800 dollars trying to fix this issue. Replacing the voltage regulator, engine coil (and ground), starter twice, alternator twice, battery twice, I even took out my sound system thinking that was it. Come to find out when they installed the rebuilt engine they used a bolt that was too long as the bolt for the engine ground. The ground was moving around as I drove the car causing all of the eletrical part to ground only through the battery ground. I am a single mother and this mistake has cost me greatly, I WILL NEVER SEND ANYONE TO THIS SHOP EVER!!!!!!! Even when you try to talk to Richard Kerr, his wife Renee Kerr is very rude telling me that it will do no good to talk to Richard due to the fact that the work was done 2 years ago.... it took me this time to find the problems!!!! Don't let there shop do this to you. The muffler took this long to corrode so how is that my fault???