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Collier's Towing Service

By Dan on Wed 05 February 2014

Colliers towing has a reputation for predatory towing. Recently Collier wrongfully towed my daughter’s car from a parking lot in downtown Charlottesville even though she had purchased a parking ticket and had it clearly displayed inside her car. When she called Colliers to try to resolve the issue, they insisted on her paying $145 in cash to get her car back. Throughout our efforts to recover the car, they were rude, abusive and did everything they could to try to intimidate my daughter including calling the police when she asked too many questions. After some research, I found the following facts: 1) Virginia regulations governing the Towing Business (24VAC27-30-100. Unprofessional conduct) state that they must “Accept at least one of two nationally recognized credit cards “ and 2) Code of Virginia 46.2-1233.1 ‘Limitation on charges for towing and storage of certain vehicles’ states that “No charge shall be made for storage and safe keeping for a period of twenty-four hours or less” (My daughter was illegally charged a $25 Parking fee). Virginia Tow companies are regulated by the State of Virginia. If you feel like you have been treated unfairly, please file a complaint with the ‘Commonwealth of Virginia Board of Towing and Recovery Operators’. They have a complaint form that can be downloaded from Stand up for your rights and help stop these predatory towing practices.