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A1 Auto Inc

By csinc on Wed 05 February 2014

while changing my oil they broke my dipstick handle off and tried to say it "just came off in my hand" and said he would let me know how much it would cost to fix. when you make a mistake you need to man up and take responsibility. ethics are obviously not their strong suit. the owners expert opinion was that it just spontaneously broke while i was driving down the road and then managed to stay in place till his mechanic gently lifted on it. when i calmly pointed out that didn't make any sense he proceeded to insult me and my car stating that i was a "paranoid freak" and that my car was junk and "all used up". this car mind you has only ever had one problem. a broken dipstick. total cost - 20 for the oil change and 30 for a new dipstick.