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Blend Air Manufacturing Parts

By CoolBoD on Wed 05 February 2014

This is a completely dysfunctional organization. How can you run an AC business without parts, chemicals, and mechanics is beyond me. This is the slower season so I can only imagine it gets worse when the heat cranks up. They seem to forget what a customer is and how to treat them. On multiple trips I show up in the morning to get work done and there never is a mechanic there. I can understand once-maybe-but on 4 separate trips? It seems like they are always coming up with one excuse after the other when I need solutions to my problems that they created in the first place. They replaced my entire system 3 years ago piece by piece over the course of 7 trips after their incompetence kept ruining one part after the other. I paid hundreds of dollars for this too. When I removed the cowling to get to the compressor I noticed only 3 of the 4 bolts were installed(submitted pic). I soon discovered that the 4th bolt was broken off in the mounting bracket and they just left it that way! When I pointed this out to them they just denied it! I said they have been the only ones to work on this and I gave them a factory system. They shuffled their feet around and hem hawed but provided no solutions. I suggested if they would give me a bolt I would cut it and re-thread it to make it work but guess what-they didn't have a bolt! Incredible! They seemed more concerned on pointing out what is not covered under warranty and why their parts they installed failed is my fault instead of working with me to get my AC hooked up. I didn't even ask them to do anything for free, just help me get this fixed! A discounted rate on parts and labor given the circumstances would have been a nice gesture but they didn't even offer that! I even spent an additional 200.00 or so with them to do this and nothing! My original factory AC sytem lasted 300K miles and their replacement system lasted: 3 weeks, 5 weeks, 5 days, 11 months, 3 months, 2 years and 8 months over the course of less than 30K miles. Do yourself a favor and stay far away from this place. Your vehicle will never be the same again.