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European Foreign Domestic Auto

By complaint on Wed 05 February 2014

their rates are exorbitant .they first tried to tell me it was going to cost over $1200.00 and when i questioned their rate they dropped the charge to $847. i should have left then. they say their work and parts are warranteed for 18 months. after 5 months of which the car was parked for two months the problem returned . I reported it to them and even went to see them and they wern't interested in even looking at my was the second time they worked on my car. the first time i was charged over $750.00

Elite Auto Detailing & Accessories Inc

By complaint on Wed 05 February 2014

the owner cannot be trusted. I had my girl friends car towed there because i had done business with elite before. I was told that the transmission was beyond repair. the car was towed there about 1pm on a monday. the owner said he could not junk the car without a title. I told him i would check with my girlfriend about the title.that afternoon I received multiple calls from elite that they didn't have room to store my car . I told them i would get back to them in the morning following the original day,less than 24 hours had transpired.I also told him that if I couldn't get the issue resolved , I would have the car towed to my girlfriends house which is nearby. the following morning i got multiple calls from the owner of elite. at approximately 10am I told him my girlfriend who owned the car was going to have it towed to her house,at 1219pm the owner of elite called me and said he had a buyer for the car who offered $300.00 . By this time the tow truck arrived to tow the car to my girlfriends house. the tow truck driver was told to come back in 30 minutes. the tow truck driver returned and towed the car to my girlfriends house.the tow truck driver was concerned about the condition of the car and called my girlfriend. we then found out that the original tires which were in very good condition were removed and replaced with bald tires and the catalytic converter was removed.when we called to complain he hung up the phone