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Archer's Action Auto Service Center

By Cierra H. on Wed 05 February 2014

I brought my car to Archer's first of all, because it is location near my home and right off of 501.. Their location is the only pro. Upon arrival, I was told that to have the car evaluated (lower right arm behind drum was bent and dragging tire) it would be forty dollars and some change, "Ok, sounds good, man. I understand that you have a charge for the evaluation", is what I tell the guy. One to two days later, after multiple problems with customer service and the professionalism of the workers, I have my car towed to Auto Care Specialists on Grissum Parkway. The headache didn't stop then.. the best part about the whole experience was being CHARGED DOUBLE for the evaluation. Even having not performed one actual service on my car, these guys scrapped for as much money out of my pocket as possible. After speaking with the workers and owners about the situation, I still have not received the refund I am owed. The reason being: "This is a business."Looks to me like these guys are in the business of scamming people out of their money behind their backs. Overall, choosing to go to Archer's was a HUGE MISTAKE I will never make again.