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Fountain's Auto Repair

By Chaosauzi on Wed 05 February 2014

DO NOT take your car here. I came to this shop with all the problems and symptoms of my car stated. Instead of actually inspecting the car they simply hooked up a computer to it, read the diagnostic (which cost $45) and then took wild guesses at what the problem could be. The total bill came close to $400. When the problem still happened I took the car to someone who actually knew what they were doing, he immediately found the problem to be a heater core leak and a cracked head gasket (just from looking at coolant leaking into the interior of the car, not even popping the hood, by the way fountain's didn't even recognize the coolant smell or leak inside the vehicle even though they said they had tested the car on the road). When speaking with their Representative "Shannon" she exclaimed that even given the circumstances she would only be able to refund the $45 diagnostic fee, when I said that wasn't good enough she simply ended the call abruptly. I called back and she said she had "assumed the call was over" even when she had hung up in the middle of my sentence. These people are taking advantage of a human being's lack of automotive intelligence just to make a quick $ and in turn not actually doing any meaningful work. When I said a measly refund of $45 was not good enough for meaningless work, they told me to handle it legally. RIPOFF SHOP! When I called later to talk to Shannon about legal matter she called me a 20 year old punk and that because she only discussed the problems with the owner of the vehicle (my relative) that she would have to continue matters with said relative. Truth was I was the one who discussed all the matters of the vehicle with the shop, my relative simply handled the payment.