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Aardvark Automotive

By cdh2853 on Wed 05 February 2014

Worst service work ever had done. Was quotes $400 or so initially. then it went to $600 finally ending at $786. I brought my vehicle in for coolant leak and was told it was timing chain cover gasket. Then was told it was oil pan cover gasket as well. Next they charged me $98 for oil change and proceeded to replace upper radiator hose as well. When all said and done, they called to tell me that my vehicle was fixedand ready to go. I payed the money and didn't get 1/2 mile from the shop when it overheated. Upon inspection, they had left numerous hose clamps loose AND had broken a few mounting brackets as well as crushing the top drivers side portion of my radiator. The WORST shop EVER!!! I will never take my vehicles to them again and will tell anyone who will listen to NEVER trust your vehicle to this guy!