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Eddie's Repair Shop

By cbezzz on Wed 05 February 2014

3 days ago My dad took one of our family cars to Eddie's years ago for a minor problem and remembers having good service. So, when I started noticing a popping in my brake pedal we decided to have them look at it. We dropped it off and 30 minutes later we got a call saying it was fine. They charged me $41 dollars for a less than a 30 minute check. I got less than a mile down the road and my brakes locked up. My car was smoking and smelled like burning rubber. I ended up having a tow truck tow my car to Pohanka Honda. I called back Eddie's and told them what happened and how could they have just "looked" at my car and say it was fine, but then it doesn't make it a mile down the road. The manager tried to tell me that since it was raining that's why my car was smoking and smelling like burning rubber. I'm sorry lady, but I'm 19 years old and have driven in the rain quite a few times, I'm not dumb enough to buy that. My car is currently at Pohanka Honda and needs a whole new brake system, 2 thousand and 41 dollars later (Since Eddie's refused to refund our money). I can't help but think its awfully suspicious that my car broke down 5 minutes after they looked at it. So unless you want more problems then you already have, I would steer clear of this sad excuse for a repair shop!