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Barding's Garage

By buyerbeware on Wed 05 February 2014

I was rear-ended and toke my car to Barding's Garage. Mr. Barding told me that I needed a new transmission. I told him that I needed a cost for a transmission. I stopped and paid Mr. Barding $35.00 for evaluating my car. I called my insurance to find out about getting insurance on another vehicle. My agent's secretary asked what happened to my car. I explained that I got rear-ended at a stoplight. I did not see any visual damage and did not call the police. Basically within a few minutes I realized there was a problem and then it was too late. I got a plate number going down the road which came back as invalid later (just my luck). I said it was my fault that I did not call police so I could not file a claim. My agent's staff said "no and filed a claim". I informed Mr. Barding personally that State Farm Insurance has filed a claim. An appraiser called me but I was not available and said he would call the next day. I went by Barding's Garage that evening. I told Mr. Barding that I wanted my key to my car. I asked him about anyone coming by to look at my car. He told me that all he did was give them my key and that he never even talked to them about my car. The next day, claims called me about my car. After a lengthy discussion, the agent told me everything that Mr. Barding told their appraiser. I do not appreciate being lied to. There was no reason to tell me he never even talked to State Farm when he did. How can you trust anyone who lies about something this simple. Also to top it off, I requested how much the cost would be for a transmission prior to my insurance company informing me they could file a claim. Mr. Barding never gave me my estimate either for private pay. I was told Mr. Barding was a decent, honest, christian business man and would not mess me over. Well, apparantly being a liar does not fall into that! I don't like it when people lie to me to my face or behind my back. He should have told me what he told my insurance company, why lie to me? I already knew the transmission was the problem, because he told me before I called about switching my insurance to another vehicle. I did not attempt to file a claim or even request it, my insurance company did it for me! Take your business elsewhere! Customers BEWARE!