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By bulbkelp on Wed 05 February 2014

Not to be trusted. Our daughter had them replace her transfer case when she broke down near Yuma. After the work was done she headed back to Tucson to attend U of A. She didn't even make it back, 20 miles from Tucson the transmission and transfer case completely went out. She had to be towed in off the interstate at 1:00 am to a transmission shop. We had paid Desert Auto $760.00 for the repair. The transmission shop opened the rebuilt transfer case and found the gears were rusted! Looked like it had been out in the rain! Desert Auto refused to return any of our payment. They said we should have called them and given them the chance to do it over. Call them at 1:00am the same day the repair had been done, from Tucson, AZ.???They knew the transfer case was faulty, whoever they got it from pulled a fast one them, but even so the mechanic should have inspected the interior of the case. I would never recommend this place to anyone, especially if you cannot inspect what they are doing. R. Johnson, Anchor Point, Alaska