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Budget A-1 Nationwide Transmission

By budgeta1 on Wed 05 February 2014

This is Mark the owner of Budget A1 Nationwide and I would like to address a few things about this review. The first thing is that all of the reviews up here are real genuine reviews written by our customers and we have many more on the wall in our front office, in fact there are hundreds. We have never and will never resort to fabricating reviews to mislead anyone. Second is that we never recommend anything that is not needed on any vehicle that comes in here. When David brought his vehicle in to us it had internal problems with the transmission and instead of having us fix the transmission he elected to buy a used transmission and have us install it for him. So this is not a new transmission. David bought the transmission from a third party that we had nothing to do with and had it shipped to us. We did strongly recommend that the transmission cooler needed to be flushed. Any time you have a failure with a transmission the cooler itself needs to be flushed to remove any contamination and also make sure there are no restrictions in the cooler. Even if the transmission was flushed before having it removed the cooler does not get flushed like it does when we flush it with our machine. If anyone is interested in reading more about the machine we use and how it flushes the transmission cooler the link is right here: This flusher cannot be used to flush the transmission, only the cooler. David elected to not have the cooler flushed. There were also other things that we did recommend to David while we had the transmission out of the vehicle. The u-joints on the front and rear driveshafts, which were going bad, the flexplate which had ring gear teeth damaged where the starter contacts it, these things were recommended because they were needed. We also recommended replacing the engine rear main seal not because it was leaking but becasue it would be a lot cheaper to replace this seal now while the transmission was out then later if it does start to leak and the transmission would have to come back out to access the seal. None of these recomendations were pushed on David, we just gave him the options and he declined to have any of it done. The last thing we also offered to David was servicing the used transmission before installing it. This would consist of taking the pan off and replacing the filter, re-torqueing all the valvebody bolts and of course replacing the pan gasket. David also declined this service so we did not remove the pan. The pan does not have to come off in order to install the transmission. We just installed the trasnmission that was shipped to us. If David had had us service the transmission I guarantee that it would not have leaked, but again David declined having us do the service, so I don't understand how he can complain on here about things that we recommended and he declined. We have also tried to contact David and talk to him directly but he has not answered any of our calls and will not call us back. So unfortuneatly responding on here is the only option we have left. We are always here to take care of all of our customers and if anyone ever has any issues in the future we will always be happy to resolve them.