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Mid-Western Auto Sales, Inc.

By brittneyt on Wed 05 February 2014

I had just been offered a job after being laid off for 8 months, AND I bought my 97 ford ranger, on September 24th 2011, I test drove the vehicle and asked about their inspections, and what was done to the vehicle before they sold it, he said they gave the vehicle a through check for mechanical issues and completed some repairs to make sure it was safe and fluid changes, the vehicle had some oil leaks, and some other minor issues (to be expected) I was told about their repair service, that they would do repairs for a very reasonable price, and would allow payments on repairs..bonus, I took my vehicle home, I noticed right away that the truck was leaking large amounts of power steering fluid I called, and was told to bring it back, it was determined that both power steering lines were rusted, they replaced the lines, after that I decided to have the vehicle checked out at the dealership I worked at to make sure everything else looked ok, at that point I discovered they were not honest with me about checking out the vehicle, both of the stabilizer links were broken and hanging DANGEROUSLY near my steering linkage, (this could have caused an accident) and that one of the tires was split on the inside edge to the belt and could blow out at any time. I paid to have these issues fixed that day (208.37$) the very next day the vehicle began popping out of first and third gear, I contacted the Lot, as I was beginning to get concerned (Id only made 1 payment as of this point) they never returned my call. I went about my business for a little over a week, as I did not have time to deal with the issue right away due to my new job. I could NOT take time off after only 2 weeks of work, this Monday on my way home from work, the vehicle began to shake and vibrate violently, nearly causing me to have accident, I got the vehicle to them that evening and was told by the owner (Dwayne) they could not do anything with it for at least two weeks, he told me to take it somewhere else, I told him I could not afford to do that as I had just bought it and just started a new job that in the last two weeks I had put over 1000.00$ into it between the down payment, weekly payments and repairs. He was very rude and told me " not my problem" I asked about the repair service (with payments) and was told "nope sorry I cant even pay my bills right now so I’m not covering the cost of yours" (another lie I was told when I bought the truck) I said I would lose my new job If I did not get the vehicle repaired "not my problem" the next day I had the truck towed to another shop, I was given a laundry list of problems (some to be expected due to age and mileage) but the ones that disturbed me showed the vehicle was Unsafe to drive, a completely broken carrier bearing (holds the front axels together) I was told that this clearly visible bearing had completely separated, (that all that was holding the axels together was a link at this point and if that had given out an accident would have been unavoidable, both Rt front ball joints were broken as a result of the carrier breaking, best of all the rear drum brakes, were held together with wire, instead of springs and had cut up sections of 2X4 wood jammed in to hold the shoes in place fortunately the front brakes were able to handle the vehicles braking or we could have had another issue altogether, the repair bill just to handle the issues to make the vehicle safe to drive, 1434.65 I have tried to contact the lot with the issues of the safety and misrepresentation, they will not return my phone calls, I am left with 5234.00 (cost of vehicle) plus 1622.00 in repairs, just to make the thing drivable, all within my first 20 days of ownership, I am starting a civil case against them, and need additional claimants, if they screwed you over too, contact me at [email protected] My brother in law is a lawyer and one of his associates had agreed to take on the case pro bono (there will be no cost to you)