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Southwestern Muffler

By BriS55 on Wed 05 February 2014

Scammers! They are cutting corners and you don't know it! He quoted me a price to fix my catalytic converter. When the car was "ready" he claimed the O2 sensor was also bad and replaced it without calling first! (I still don't believe him because there is a different code for failing O2 sensors. He was just trying to get more money off me.) That added almosts another $200! He said he would do an oil change for free, but he put regular oil in it instead of the synthetic that I always use. I told them not to do anything else to my car. I took it to another place immediately to change the oil AGAIN. They told me the work had not been done properly and that they didn't replace the oil filter when they replaced the oil...that I need to take the car somewhere else to have the work cleaned up. (incorrect bolts and seals, very poor welding) Don't use these people if you want to actually get the work you are paying for!!!