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Auto Depot / Sequim Brake & Muffler

By Brestes on Wed 05 February 2014

The owner seems to base his diagnostics on how much money you have or how bad he thinks you're stranded. Steve determined that my disc brakes were obsolete and that my trailer hadn't been manufactured in years. I said there's something you should know. He replied that i just needed to quit talking and listen. He rambled on for a few minutes about how bad I'd screwed up the trailer....blah blah blah. I was simply towing down the road and I'd followed all of the recommended maintenance. He finally finished belittling me for having something that breaks. I then said, those brakes are only 6 mo's old they aren't obsolete. He said he just needed to go ahead and buy brakes for both axles and new axles to wasn't born last night Steve. I went and limped my tailer down to the dock and launched the boat. Then I pulled the trailer to a qualified mechanic. What do you know? They can fix it instead of just buying a bunch of new parts to bold on to my trailer. Steve is very arrogant and rude. He'd do well to realize what he is.

Pomeroy's Auto Service Inc

By Brestes on Wed 05 February 2014

Beware!! Bad place to do business. He works on a lot of boats and boat trailers (not sure why...he sucks) at his house then runs the credit cards through this business. I paid Brian to convert my boat trailer from drum brakes to disc brakes. At no point did this "conversion" work properly. In fact, he sent my wife out with my 7500# boat with NO brakes. Even when I tested them pulling the emergency lever......did not engage AT ALL. I called a guy who sold the conversion kits and he let me know that the actuator should have been replaced during the conversion. It was not. I had another mechanic replace the actuator (after giving Brian two chances to fix the issue with zero success). W/ the other mechanic replacing the actuator the brakes finally worked. I also had brian repack the bearings. A couple months later I'm rolling through Port Angeles and have one wheel's bearings burn up. I lose a day of fishing and have to get a guy to come out and replace the bearings in the field. He said the bearings were most likely too tight. Anther bad job?? He replaced a hydraulic line on the raise lower for my kicker motor. Replaced the line just fine but he didn't put a clamp on the fitting.....which I figured out when it began leaking again out on the water. This guy is a complete joke!!