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Abdul's Towing & Transportation

By blooff on Wed 05 February 2014

The worst experience ever! Chris Gray was the driver that transported my car. I asked if I could load my car on myself and he let me. There was no damage done in the process. I even took photos to verify that I had done an awesome job driving it on. I specifically asked him to wait to offload my car when he got to the destination spot and let the shop representative to drive the vehicle off themselves or supervise the off loading. Chris did not wait for anyone and drove my car off himself. In the process of doing so, he damaged my left driver fender and door. He called me and let me know that he caused damage to my car and also sent a pic. I assumed that that was all he did. Wrong! He told the shop that my car had damage before it was transported. BS! I got photos to prove it wasn't. What customer service this company is. He offered to have my car fixed at his shop which at this point I could not trust him. Fast forward a bit. I went to visit my car a few months later and discovered more damages. The professional transporter managed to not only damage my fender but also rip off the front lip and severely gauge my lower intercooler piping. I was pissed at this point because the shop owner and staff said that that is how it came. They knew I would never send them this kinda a crap and know that I am very meticulous about my car. It has been 6 months now and I thought that Chris Gray was gonna take care of getting in touch with the shop to pay for the damages. The professional has been dodging phone calls from myself and the auto shop and not returning messages. He claims he already told his boss but the idiot has not addressed it. I presume. For the sake of everybody out there that is looking to have their car transported, do not use this company. If you value your ride, clearly stay away.