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Lugones Mercedes Benz Inc

By bgk on Wed 05 February 2014

I took my car to Lugones on 12-13 for service B and the following evening (12-14) my car WOULD NOT start. No lights, it wouldnt even turn over..... nothing ! I immediately called the shop the next morning and spoke with Richard, he advised me to bring my car back to the shop (an inconvenience because I live about 30 miles away) so that he could take a look at it. When I returned to the shop, he looked under my hood and checked the battery. He told me then that the battery was low (why I wasn't told this on 12-13 the day I received services, I DONT KNOW). Then he continues to tell me that a battery will cost $150 dollars (as if I could just pull it right out of my A*#@ !!! I was so upset I knew I had to BREATH and RELAX first. I got in my car and left. Shortly after, I called and spoke with Richard over the phone. I asked him why he didn't tell my about the battery on 12-13 (the B service). At that point, he became RUDE and unprofessional...he said "a battery can go out at any time". I stated there was nothing wrong with the battery before I brought my car to the shop. He preceeded to be rude (talking and not even listening to MY CONCERN, MY CAR, and MY MONEY). I decided I will contact the owner (thank God, Richard isnt) and explain my situation but I WILL NO LONGER DO BUSINESS THERE !!