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Chapman BMW collision center

By BEWARE on Wed 05 February 2014

Took my car to the BMW Collision Center for repair - What a mistake! I have had multiple issues with them and it seems as though they don't want to take responsibility whatsoever. First, the bumper trim does not line up properly, it fits in, but there is a huge gap on either side. My gas cap is extremely hard to get off (something I noticed the first time I went to fill up), and the nozzle is hard to insert. I find it hard to believe that none of this is related to the repair work they have done as it was never an issue before (they pulled the frame... could it be possible something was jarred??). I was told to "get a new gas cap and see if that works." Also, while driving down the freeway I started to hear a weird noise, then all of a sudden a chunk of black plastic flew off the car. Something (shroud) under the front wheels had came loose and rubbed against the tire and shredded off. I was told I "must have ran my car into a curb or something to jar the plastic loose." THIS IS INSANE!!!! NO accountability for their actions and trying to pass the blame on me. I would NEVER recommend them to anyone. Nothing but trouble. They try waaaayyy too hard to pass the blame. These items were never an issue until I took the car in. VERY UNHAPPY! Use this body shop at your own risk!!