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Hybrid Motors Inc

By bert on Wed 05 February 2014

I sold the miata to the guy above, Looked at car I sign over the title, My car not the business I don't even work there anyway he checked it worked for over an hour with him helping him with his paper work. Calls me 2 days later oh the mileage isn't correct. When I buy a car I check the vin and the mileage, then tells me the mileage is off 80k or 90k off. I don't know want scam he was trying to pull, Car was sold last summer now just leaving 1 star in april. scam artist. Anyway these guys know there stuff when it comes to porsche, mercedes and bmw. There dad marcello is top notch. Former porsche and ferrari mechanic at lemans. one ofg the smartest men I have ever met. his son lee is very good on newer cars when asking for Lee he's the chubby kid in the shop He weres the sign will work for food Just a joke they always fix my cars so don't let something personal affect there business. Thanks Bert And ty your welcome to come visit anytime you can reach me at [email protected]