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Grand Shop Auto Collision & Repair

By atlantanman on Wed 05 February 2014

CRAPPY LIARS! I had my car town there and drove other one to have oil change to this place. WHAT A MISTAKE! It was one of the worse day in my life. Go there if you want to pay OVERCHARGED price for poor quality work. You will get and OFFEND on top of it. GRAND SHOP owner and staff made me feel so bad. They all CRAPPY CHEATERS. They didn't like me talking, asking questions about the warranty and price. First they said I need new battery and the one they offered was an unknown brand for $135+tax. I asked for cheaper one, the answer was 'no, but I can get my own'. I just drove to Advance Auto Parts (AAP) on Bufford hwy, and got it for $42 (it was $85 but I just paid the prorated price). Then everything started after this. I guess Grand shop owners didn't like me bringing my own battery, and I was charged over $100 to check and install a battery. Indeed, the technician only spent 30 min effectively. charged 1.5 hours. Yes the car was there, hud open but no one was working on it. The guy said AAP is doing same work for free for a new battery. Since they already had started, I didn't want to move the car again. Anyways, at the end, another hassle during the payment. Their system didn't accept the card I had, and I asked if I can bring another card when I come back to pick other car. They didn't return my keys unless I pay. They forced me to pay their overcharged amount and I had to pay full amount. Even after three reminder, they 'forgot' to return my old battery which I should have return to get prorated price difference from AAP. (btw, the guy named Andy at Advance Auto Parts was so nice and professional). The owner was rudest person I ever know. He said "He owns the shop and he can talk what ever he wants" If you wonder what my last sentence was: "If you're owner, I am the customer. I am going for another shop to get rest of the work done now. It was a big mistake to drive all the way here"(20 miles following the towing truck). NEVER GO THIS PLACE. Do NOT repeat the mistake I did