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The Question: All of sudden the radio has become all static with occasional broadcast both am and fm stations

By KeliM on 7/20/2010 - Last updated: 10/26/2015

Your Answer: a

on 7/21/2011



The Question: Why wont my car move when i shift it in to gear everything sounds great but i try to drive and hit the gas but not move?

By leogirl1031 on 4/4/2011 - Last updated: 4/11/2011

Your Answer: Power is not transmitted to transmission. Check the fluid first, if it was ...

on 4/5/2011



The Question: i removed the trans and found metal shaving in the trans fluid. veh will not engage when letting off the clutch

By steve on 3/31/2011 - Last updated: 3/31/2011

Your Answer: Metal shaving indicates that some gears are chipped off and will worsen its ...

on 3/31/2011