Shop Reviews

Chicago Car Care, Inc.

By Anne on Wed 05 February 2014

I brought my car into Chicago Car Care Inc. on a referral from a friend. My friend said that they were an honest and reputable repair shop. I had been getting quotes from the "experts" at the chain stores. After much confusion about what I needed and so many different prices, I needed a "safe" place to go. The treatment I received at Chicago Car Care, Inc. was fantastic. I was given a clear picture and explanation of what my car needed. I really felt like I understood since it was all explained in layman's terms and I didn't feel stupid! Most shops make me feel stupid since I don't speak the "technical ease" but not here! All repairs were done in a timely fashion, price was as quoted with NO SURPRISES. This shop took a very traumatic experience and made it go so smoothly. Great customer communication, master certified technicians doing the repairs, and a nice clean environment. guys have a new customer. THANX!