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Andy's High Tech Auto Repair

By anita on Wed 05 February 2014

own a 1994 Mercedes 300 with a lot of miles on the car. i just moved to the aria so i was looking for a mechanic. after talking with my friends they told me about this small mechanic shop in woodinville. i went to hies shop just to check it out, i have found a really helpful, nice guy who was working an a really old 1950-s Mercedes. he owns a same kind of car what i have. he told me all about what to watch out what is really important & what is a no- no on my car. he spent almost 2 hrs with me checked my car out found some small problems a leaking fuel line what could caused me to brake down at a later time, my radiator hose was old cracked so he replaced that too plus put 2 new fan belt on all that for 140 bucks. he just give me the parts as he had it just sitting collecting dust. he did replaced several clamps, small hoses too but not even bothered to charge for it, checked out my brakes what i was thinking need to be changed as a minit lube place told me i need to be changed he pointed out my brakes good for at least 15 thousand more miles, just i needed a 12 dollar sensor replaced. i love my car & im glad i found him. he is really knowledgeable guy, friendly , with a well equipped shop. sadly he is not working on newer cars because my boyfriend 2005 sprinter need some work but he just not set- up for this kind of cars. i highly recommend him . my e mail [email protected] Anita