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Firestone Complete Auto Care

By Angry Victim of these Theives on Wed 05 February 2014

Stay Away from these crooks. Over the past year my nephew has been taking his F150 to have an overheating problem fixed. These crooks charged him over $3000.00, including changing some parts twice. Finally they told him to go to another firestone shop to have his Oil Pump replaced. Now I am no mechanic but last weekend me and His Grandpa looked under the hood and found lots of missing nuts and bolts, the charge air was completely apart AND the Radiator was plugged. All I did was to put a flashlight in front of the radiator and look behind it to determine that very little light was coming through. We replaced the radiator with a new one from O'rileys, total cost $130.00, replaced all the bolts that Firestone had lost, put the air intake back together and now his truck is running cool as a cucumber, even with the current 95 degree temperatures. We have all the receipts to prove that these crooks have taken advantage of and out and out stolen from my nephew. We are sending letters to Firestone corporate and we want everyone to know that these people are crooks. If you go to them you will be ripped off!