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Walmart Tire & Lube Express

By Andrea1 on Wed 05 February 2014

I took my car in a month and a half ago and had an oil change and so on, well my car started acting up and my brother noticed something dripping, I didnt think to much at the time as I had just had all of this done. I drove up to Everett a couple of weeks later and my daughter in law noticed that there was oil all over. My daughter and neighbor checked to see what was happening, the oil fliter was barely on, and after taking off the filter the gasket was messed up and ruined. My neighbor took me to an aouto parts place to get 5 new quarts of oil,a new filter and I was informed that my car had almost burned up and that would have led to relplacing my engine. As far as I am concerned I was terribly disapointed with the service at Walmart and will never go back, except to get a refund....I ended up having to pay more for the oil and new filter then the crappy oil change they did... Never again....