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By 24 on Wed 05 February 2014

DO NOT use this Mechanic. He uses junk yard parts and charges for factory parts. I had a 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix. It had 25k miles and I sent it in for a simple oil change and breaks. Within the next 4 months I had put in over 4,000 into the car and ended up seling it because I thought I had a lemon. Andy kept telling me I needed more and more things fixed, everytime he fixed something, antoher thing went wrong only days later. I finally bought a new car and took it to the dealer for repairs and never had a problem again. My husband however, took his car to Andy (2007 ) same thing happened. Minor repairs turned into major repairs only days after one thing was fixed. At one point his whole wheel feel right off while he was making a turn, yes, you heard me THE WHOLE WHEEL FEEL RIGHT OFF THE AXEL, only 2 days after one of Andy's repair jobs on his car. Now we are using another mechanic who showed my husband the proof of the wax crayon writing on the parts from the junk yard that Andy charged us full price for that were "from the dealer". Between my husband and I we have spent over 9k, for completely SUB-PAR work - he is a crook. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND SAVE YOUR MONEY - USE ANOTHER MECHANIC...............