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AutoMD's Do It Yourself and expert community has you covered. Just follow our easy step-by-step instructions in our auto repair manuals.

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  • How to Adjust a Hood Release Latch
  • How to Adjust Misaligned Headlights
  • How to Bleed Brakes with a Tool
  • How to Check Brake Fluid Level
  • How to Check for Loose Steering System Parts
  • How to Check for Loose/Worn Suspension Components
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    "How much will it cost me?" Ultimately, all trips to the mechanic end with this question. Thanks to AutoMD's Fair Price calculator, you can get accurate auto repair estimates for shop repair and Do-It-Yourself repair. We use real-time market pricing to make sure you get an accurate figure, letting you make an informed decision about your car's maintenance needs.

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    AutoMD's Fair Price feature gives you real-time shop repair estimates based on over 400,000 accredited repair shops in the United States (US). Our estimates factor in average labor costs, hours of completion, and part prices. The feature also estimates Do-It-Yourself car repair costs, allowing you to compare your repair options.