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graham 11/18/2012

1997 Mitsubishi Galant ES 4 Cyl 2.4L


Y is my car shaking when I put pressure on the brakes?

I know what u'r thinking... "Rotors", but it's not. This has been an ongoing problem in my car. I have replaced the front - pads, calipers, rotors, and even the brake hoses! But every time I come off the highway or hit the brakes while going in excess of 50mph, the steering wheel pulsates and it seems like the whole car is shaking in relation to how fast the wheels r spinning. And I'm not stomping on the brakes.(The rear brakes r drums, so I haven't put much attention into them, car only has 50k origanal miles)

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Jimm 11/18/2012

Usually, the shaking while applying brake pedal pressure indicates worn or warped brake rotors. Time to replace or at least have them resurfaced - if there is enough material (thickness) remaining. This is not an uncommon problem, and fortunately the brake rotors are not expensive.

When replacing the brake rotors, go ahead and replace the wheel bearings and the grease seals, as well - at the same time. The front brake rotors are around $6.50 each, and the wheel bearings are around $40.00 each. The wheel seals are around $4.00 each - for your vehicle. Source: www.rockauto.com for the repalcement parts.


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