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yankymob 9/21/2010

1995 BMW 740i Base 8 Cyl 4.00L

Steering & Suspension

what is wrong when I set my cruise control and after about 10miles its shut off?

i have 236,667 miles on my bmw, but the the motor is 3yrs old, after I set my cruise a few miles down the road it just shuts off, I thought it was the brake light switch and replaced it,but that wasn't the problem. The car came with 16'in wheels, but when I bought the car they were replaced with 18'in bmw rims. Could this have an effect on the cruise control?

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DrkShdw983 5/8/2011

The wheel size should not have an effect on the cruse control.. I would have guessed brake light switch as well so you're on the right track... Also consider that pressing the clutch will shut off the cruse (if you have a manual transmission) so you might need a neutral safety switch. Short of that you're probably looking at a cruise control replacement.


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