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grooveman 10/8/2012

2004 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS 6 Cyl 3.8L

Preventive Maintenance

what is wrong when gas gauge do not register correctly.

the car can be cold or warm, and if i turn the car off, the gage register as if it is on. i can turn the car off and then turn the key to the on and back to the off position constantly until the gage needle is in the correct position. this has been happening for 2 or3 months. also sometimes the security light comes on.

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CVO 10/8/2012

For the security light on, see this link.. http://newrockies.com/

The fuel level sending unit isn't working and it causes a false registration to the gas gauge or the gas gauge fails to register.
See this link ... http://www.gminstrumentcluster.com/gm-cluster-repair/


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