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gerri jackson
gerri ... 12/13/2010
2000 Jaguar S-Type Base 6 Cyl 3.0L - Preventive Maintenance
what is wrong when coolant and water have been applied, but not getting any heat
112,000. only had a catalic converter installed. put coolant and water in its proper place, but no getting any heat. temperature at 75 degrees, but only getting cold air. noticed this around 2 weeks ago. occurring all of the time. check engine light is on. no other warning lights on.
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  • yboy82
    yboy82 12/13/2010
    Try to diagnose your vehicle with a scan tool first to know what the stored trouble code is. The extracted trouble code will help you identify the fault of your vehicle’s problem. You can post here the extracted trouble code or visit this link to identify what is the meaning of your extracted trouble code
  • Bobby
    Bobby 12/13/2010
    I doubt that the engine light has to do with the temperature inside your car. But you want to have that checked and find out what the code is to see if it is related.. it is possible if it is a coolant temp sensor problem I believe this vehicle uses a heater control valve. This could be the problem if this valve isn't working correctly then it might not be allowing the heat to come up to temp.

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