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Krystal Kosh
Krysta ... 9/26/2012
1998 Honda Accord LX 4 Cyl 2.3L - Brakes
What is wrong with my car?
The brake pedal has to be pressed all the way to the floor before it will start to begin to brake and the brake will give sometimes and I'll slide a very little.
2 Answers
  • clayton
    clayton 9/26/2012
    check ur brakes sounds like they need change also check fluid this should fix ur problem
  • HouseCallAuto
    HouseCallAuto 9/26/2012
    If the brake fluid is down in the reservoir then it is possible that you have a brake fluid leak from a rusted through steel brake line. If that is the case, if you fill the master and begin to pump the brake pedal you should see brake fluid begin to drip from someplace under the car.

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