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lele 8/19/2011

2001 Dodge Stratus SE 6 Cyl 2.70L

Preventive Maintenance

What is wrong with my car that it making rattling noises from both side every time i hit a pothole, small or big.

Vehicle mileage is 245000, and i just replaced the struts with new ones on both sides but the noise still happening. the rattling noise appear all the time when i am going through a bumpy road and only stopped when i put the breaks on while driving.

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HouseCallAuto 8/19/2011

If applying the brakes stops the rattling then the answer is almost always just that. Loose caliper or brake hardware or anti-rattle hardware that keeps the pads from *rattling*


lele 8/20/2011

Thanks a lot. I will go through with your suggestions and keep you informed .

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