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cherok ... 12/3/2012

2003 Nissan Altima SL 4 Cyl 2.5L


what is wrong with the car it doesn't go 10mph but it revs to 1500rpms shakes, knocks and sometimes dies

Nothing is loose on the car now and we still have a problem the first time the cars vacuum hose fell off and then we put it back on and it worked for a week then started to do the same thing but the vacuum hose was on and nothing was loose we tried replacing the air flow sensor and had a friend who is a really good mechanic look at it but he told us he can't figure it out we need help asap got to know what to do before the 6th this week otherwise we are giving the car back to the person who sold it to us so I don't have to waste my time on making payments anymore or insurance

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rick 12/3/2012

How many miles are on this thing ? From what you are saying I would lean to it still having a vaccum leak . Check all the hoses . Make sure none are off or cracked . Also check to make sure no leak around the intake . Vaccum leaks can be very hard to find sometimes since the motor has to be running . One very small leak can make the motor run like crap . One thing to try is be careful when the motor is running and spray some carb cleaner around hoses and intake . If there is a leak it will suck in the carb cleaner and rev up .


it has 124000 miles on checked it for the vacuum leak and there wasn't one thats


also nothing else is leaking or cracked and no cracks around the intake

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