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Daniel 6/21/2010
1987 Mazda RX-7 Base 2+2 2 Cyl 1.3L - Body & Interior
All was working. After 4 years inactive in garage, sunroof, horn, clock, cigarette lighter do not work. How to fix it?
We moved out of state and left car in garage for 4 years. The car started fine, but the electric circuits seem to have been affected, although the radio works. So far I have noticed that the sunroof, horn, clock, cigarette lighter, speed change indicator do not work. The fuses are fine. The car had a mold problem in the cabin. Could it be related to all these failures? Where can I start to find the problem and fix it?
2 Answers
  • Candice
    Candice 6/24/2010
    Possibly change some fuses...
  • 01NBtricked
    01NBtricked 2/27/2011
    I would say electrical corrosion, check all of the wiring from fuse panel, to battery, and fuse panel, to devices

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