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josh 4/7/2016

2005 Nissan Altima S 4 Cyl 2.50L

Transmissions & Drivetrains

why wont my trans shift past 2nd

ok so the previous owner was driving and im guessing either the trans downshifted itself to 2nd on the freeway or someone forgot about it only having 1st and 2nd (women) and kept revving it out.
either way the 2.5 threw a rod and we got the car and swapped a jap 2.0 into it and it ran first try but the trans wont shift past second and we really cant find the problem we've tried checking codes, replacing the cam/crank sensors, manually shifting through to third but nothing its 1st and 2nd and thats all shes got.
it likes to trick us though you can have it in drive and move it to 3rd while doing about 40 and itll engine brake but is actually still just in 2nd.
tried flashing the tcm, tried flashing ecu, tried getting a ugly girl to flash the car but when we asked she slapped me, but nothings working should i just try getting a new tcm or a new trans. PS. please say i dont have to pull that masochists dream out of that virgin sized engine bay again

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Teddy B

Teddy B 4/7/2016

Your question started by saying you purchased a vehicle with
a failed transaxle

No idea why your installing any parts or doing any guessing
if your not knowledgeable about the entire drivetrain & how
to diagnose it

We all would like to go back to the 1960's & 70's but those days are gone

Why are you investing time & money in that vehicle anyway,even if it was free ?


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