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millerf65 4/6/2010

1994 Mercury Tracer Trio 4 Cyl 1.90L


Won't start frustrated

Engine quit running installed new plugs,coil,timing belt, and crank sensor. the engine rolls but does not fire. Checked for spark and fuel, have both any ideas lost and need help

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HouseCallAuto 4/7/2010

1995 Ford Escort LX 1.9L (Same as Tracer)

Customer Concern:

Engine will not start, fuel pressure, spark OK. Engine RPM reads on the scan tool.


1. Since all fuel, ignition, air, and RPM inputs are ok, fault is likely in the timing.

2. Check manifold vacuum while cranking. A properly breathing engine will produce between 2-5" Hg. If vacuum is low, test for a restricted exhaust.

3. If the exhaust is OK, remove the timing cover and inspect the timing belt for jumped.

4. If timing belt is ok, put # 1 cylinder to top dead center on compression stroke and check timing marks.

5. Note another input that may cause this concern, and can be easily missed, mass air flow voltage. Monitor the voltage when cranking, it should go up, if not, injector pulse width will be too low to start the engine. If the mass air flow voltage does not rise, or spikes low when cranking, inspect inside the sensor for bugs or debris that may short the sensor.
Potential Causes:
Plugged Catalytic Converter
Crankshaft Dampener
Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensor
Incorrect Timing
Timing Belt
Diagnostic Codes:


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