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AutoMD ... 7/22/2014

2001 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 HD LT 8 Cyl 6.00L


wont start acts like no gas is in it

fuel gauge moves from full to empty even when it is full. we changed the fuel filter and it still wont start. it has almost a full tank of gas in it.

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jdl 7/22/2014

If you think it is a fuel issue, use a gage and check fuel pressure. Some of the national brand autostores will loan out a fuel pressure gage. You may have to put up a deposit but, you get it back when you return the tool.

If the vehicle cranks good, have a helper crank it while you visually check for spark at the spark plugs. Check for applicable trouble codes. To check for applicable codes, yourself, at the least you need an obd2 code reader.


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